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Judy Miller

Judy and her black tri-coloured sheltie Joey.

Judy Miller started training her first dog in 1978 in Montreal.  She moved to Ottawa and started training with Carolark in 1991. Judy is one of Carolark’s most long-standing members with plenty of experience.  She teaches Good Manners Level II and III, Treibball, Rally O and Freestyle (dancing with your dog) classes. She has attended seminars with Karen Pryor/Gary Wilkes, Patti Ruzzo, Jean Donaldson, Ian Dunbar, Terry Ryan, Chris Bach, Turid Rugaas, Anne Marie Silverton, Alan Bauman, Susan Garrett, Ted Turner, and has instructed at Camp Dogwood.  In 2003 she became involved in CARO rally obedience and was a  member of the CARO board of directors as vice-char and a CARO judge only withdrawing from these positions in the winter of 2023.  Judy currently has a Sheltie named Gillie.  Gillie and Judy are having fun with scent detection and Wag-it Games.


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