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Help for Over Reactive Dogs

Services for dogs who Overreact at Dogs

Help for Dogs who Over React to Dogs

Semi Private Lessons



Help for Dogs Who Overreact at Dogs

$339(HST included)

8 Week Class

- 1x virtual 2 hour seminar

- 1x 1 hour in person handler only lesson

 - 6x 1 hour dog and handler lesson

Course Goals:

You will learn what to do in day-to-day situations to help your dog that  over reactis. Your dog will learn other choices and control of their environment.

You will have experts coaching you through the exercises and guiding you along each step of the way. We are working to modify your dog’s emotional reaction to their triggers.  We are working to replace unwanted behaviours with more appropriate and desirable behaviours.

Course Length:  8 weeks  (the elements are compulsory).

– Week 1 is an online seminar  (1.5-2 hours delivered via Zoom)*. 

- Week 2 is for the humans. We will work on human skills.

- Week 3 thru Week 8 Are in a classroom with other handlers and dogs and two instructors.

****** check the class details for the schedule  ******

Classes starting on the same day meet as one group for both the online and human only weeks.  Classess are affected by holidays and professional development days here at Carolark. 


Your dog is overreactive to dogs. 


If your dog is fearful of people or has bitten people or dogs and drawn blood please look to private sessions.  All people present in the room must be at least 14 years of age.

This is a class that requires your commitment to attend all sessions and commit time to work on homework items between sessions.  It is a small class where each class member is relying on the others to support their efforts with their own dogs by you working with yours.  If you are unable to commit to a class schedule please take a look at Private Sessions or delay until the class schedule aligns with yours.


Help Class
Semi Private

Semi-Private Class for Dogs Who Overreact

Semi Private Class for dogs who Overeact to Dogs

$50(HST included)

45 Minute Session.

Session Goals:

You will continue to expand and solidify skills you and your dog are working on as well as continued work on helping your dog feel safe and /or calm in the presence of other dogs in varying situations.


Prerequisite:  You have completed Help for Dogs Who Overreact to Dogs class or Private lessons for reactive behaviour.  Your instructors will have indicated to you that this program is an appropriate next step.


The advantage of working in tandem around another dog is the opportunity to work around a dog that well-managed and receiving coaching and instruction.

We will have invited you to create a login to access the schedule for this program,  if you have not received this please let us know.

Course Length:  Each lesson is booked separately.  Lessons are 45 minutes long.


Good Manners - working on a calm stay
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