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About Carolark

Our History

Carolark first opened its doors in Ottawa’s west end in 1992. 


Carolark staff are dedicated, educated and ever striving for greater skill and knowledge. We work to expand and refine our kind, effective methods of dog training.  We study with world leaders in the field. We continue to evolve. 


Carolark uses positive training methods that are kind to both animal and human.  We strive for well mannered cooperative pets. Our goal is to support owners in their understanding of dogs and how the dogs think and learn. Training should be fun for both you and your dog. We invite all dogs and owners living in the Ottawa, Kanata, Stittsville and surrounding areas to come to have some fun as you teach your dog new skills and improve your dog's behaviour.

Our Promise

We train using effective, reward-based techniques which are force-free and humane. Our goal is to make you the best pet parent that you can be as we teach you methods that work quickly and support the bond you have with your dog.  


Our tools of choice to influence behaviour  are:​

  • Food rewards

  • Toys

  • Praise

  • Life Rewards and Permissions

If you are wondering if our methods are right for you and your dog,  why not come to one of our in-person orientation sessions!

We promise to never:

  • Throw, squirt or spray things at your dog   

  • Hurt, intimidate or yell at your dog

  • Stare your dog down, growl or alpha roll him

  • Use shock (e-collar), prong, or choke collars

  • Use leash corrections with flat, martingale, prong or choke collars

  • Use physical corrections such as kicks, smacks, jabs, pinches or pokes.


The above methods can intimidate, hurt, or frighten your dog. Research has proven that any of these methods may make your dog’s problems worse in the long run, destroy your relationship and take longer to overcome.  


Meet The Trainers

The dedicated staff at Carolark work to stay on the cutting edge of kind, scientifically sound methods of dog training. We study with world leaders in the field.  We strive to evolve what excellence in dog training service meanss. 

Still wondering if our methods are right for you and your dog?

Ask for our Orientation Video!
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