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Preparing for Class

The Handler    

  • Please bring a copy of your dog's vaccine records (certificate) or the invoice for these to your first class.  Passports do not provide expiry,  information.

  • You are responsible for your dog – if your dog has an accident in class,  equipment is available for you to clean up (it happens to most of us).

  • Keep your dog on a short leash when entering or leaving the building and respect the space of other dogs and humans.

  • While one person may be the official trainer, consistency in the whole family is important.  Be prepared to train your family and friends.



  • Please bring clean and dry footwear.

  • Wear soft-soled shoes. Avoid floppy sandals, noisy shoes or high heels.

  • Avoid dresses or baggy pants, which may interfere with your dog moving around you

  • Pockets are helpful.

  • A fanny pack or doggy treat pouch are great tools to keep your hands available.


Your Dog

  • For your dog’s comfort and to help avoid accidents, withhold food for at least 2 hours before class and ensure your dog is well exercised.

  • If your dog cannot come to class because of illness or surgery you can attend without your dog.

  • You may wish to bring a stuffed Kong, dog mat, or favourite chew toy to help your dog settle at the Centre.  

  • For puppies, a familiar bed/blanket can be helpful the first week or two

  • Bring a water bowl for your dog as the training and treats may increase their thirst. There are areas to fill up in the building. To prevent potential germ and disease transmission, we do not put out communal water bowls. We can supply water.



  •  A six-foot clip on lead is recommended  – something you are comfortable stepping on. NO EXTENDABLE LEASHES.

  • A flat collar or a harness.  No choke, prong or electronic collars.

  • Your clicker if you have one.  We supply a clicker to all Puppy Manners and Socialization and Good Manners Level I registrants

  • The treats you are using to train in class (Small, Smelly, Soft, and a little variety)



  • Is fun.  We focus on training the what to do and we work so that it is enjoyable for your dog and you.

  • We will show you how to work so your dog is a willing, eager learner and a better companion than ever before.


Children & Dogs

  •  All dogs can bite – children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

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