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Do you or your dog learn better individually? Does your dog have a behaviour concern that requires more attention than a manners class?


Specialized Behaviour Training or Manners Sessions may be a great fit for you! Carolark has many years of experience working with behaviour issues ranging from jumpy, mouthy puppies to aggressive and fearful dogs.

During the social and physical distancing of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering coaching and behaviour consultations both online and here at Carolark.   We are not providing service in home.

How to Book a Private Session

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Behaviour Training

Behavioural help is available for issues that are not within the scope of a regular class. Examples of problems that benefit from specialized behavioural training include aggression towards other dogs or people, destructive chewing, house soiling, guarding behaviour and sensitivities to body handling.

The total number of sessions needed to address a behaviour issue is different for every dog and depends on the type of problem, execution of the training plan and previous training history.  Many clients can continue training on their own after completing a Behavioural Training Package while others elect for continued 1 on 1 support.

Consult Only at Carolark:  $130 (HST included) 

Consults are approximately 75 minutes long and include management and prevention, advice for short-term relief, and instructions to get you started on training.  


Follow-Up Sessions at Carolark: $90/hr (HST included)


Behavioural Training Package:  $430 (HST included)

Consult + 4 personalized behavioural training sessions conducted at Carolark. Each follow-up session includes homework instructions, continuous email support, and priority time slots.


Online Consultations: $90  (HST included)
Consults are approximately 75 minutes long and include include management and prevention, advice for short-term relief, and instructions to get you started on training.  We will be utilizing the Zoom service to conduct this consultation.

Follow-Up Sessions Online: $75/hr (HST included)

Manners and Skills Sessions

Personal manners and skills training sessions can be set up to suit your pace and schedule.


Our Basic Good Manners program can be covered in 4 sessions for most dogs. 

 In person At Carolark: $75/hr (HST included) or 4-session package for $240 (HST included)

Online Coaching: $60/hr (HST included)

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