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Good Manners

Let's Develop Good Manners. 

Good Manners Level I 

Good Manners Level II

Good Manners Level I


Good Manners Level II
Good Manners: Level I

$230 (HST included)


1 hour/week for 6 weeks


For dogs over 16 weeks.  This class is for dogs who are dog and people safe and up to date on vaccinations or have a letter from your veterinarian. We will send you a link to an orientation video to introduce you to training and to Carolark with your confirmed registration. Please also review our Policies and Training Guidelines



You will learn basic training for good manners and obedience in an effective friendly manner.  We work on the management of your dog's behaviour, elimination of unwanted behaviour  and focus on the desired behaviour by rewarding appropriate responses.


Behaviours taught will include sit, down, stand, come when called, leave it, stay, polite greetings, loose leash walking, and attention to the handler with increasing distractions.



Please use the "Schedule" button to view our available classes and register.



Good Manners: Level II (Public Manners)

$210 (HST included)


1 hour/week for 6 weeks


Dogs will extend the basics and add complementary obedience and manners skills that support great public manners. Dogs in this class will work on

- accepting a friend or stranger approaching

- sitting patiently

- walking on a loose leash

- accepting  a stranger

- walking through a crowd

- walking by other dogs

- behaving calmly around other dogs,

- working around distractions, 

- remaining calm when left in supervised isolation for short periods of time. 


Skills initiated in Good Manners I are extended with greater distractions


Successful completion of Good Manners Level I or equivalent obedience class.   Dogs should have foundation skills started such as sit, down, sit/stay , walking politely and recall in a mildly distracting environment like our classroom.

Dogs should be people and dog-safe and fully vaccinated.



This is an great step for a well-behaved dog out in public.  This class would be helpful in preparation for the Canadian Kennel Club "Canine Good Neighbour" or in preparation for evaluation as a therapy dog with organizations like Therapeutic Paws of Canada, Ottawa Therapy Dogs or the Ottawa Humane Society's Brightening lives program..


Beyond Good Manners Level II


Continued training with your pup on obedience, tricks, movement skills is fun and rewarding. Check out Skills and Games.  If you are interested in trying a sport with your pup we also have a selection of sports on

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